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Used for night photography and carried flash flares for illumination. Ased to Bien Hoa Air Base in Marchand were for a while the only aircraft in South Vietnam with any real night reconnaissance capability. FA was the BA model. Carried three Esclrt, two K and one K cameras with provisions for others. Later reconnaissance versions were primarily postwar developments to perform SAC 's global reconnaissance mission.

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Total of 20 aircraft eventually built. These were used for a variety of photographic and night escrt missions [36] P Lightning Was the primary long-range USAAF photographic reconnaissance fighter aircraft prior to introduction of the P RBE Patricia Lynn Project was a highly classified project during the Vietnam War where a small of BEs b92 converted into high-altitude tactical reconnaissance aircraft used over Indochina.

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The aircraft carried high-altitude cameras which were able to take oblique shots at 45 degrees up to 60 nm range from the aircraft with a 30 inch resolution. Tactical failure, ninety-nine built with initial delivery March A Sperry automatic pilot was standard on the first ninety F-5Bs; remaining F-5B-1s completed Lockheed's at-factory conversions of photo reconnaissance Ps all subsequent F-5 variants were modified at Dallas.

WBE Weather reconnaissance version which could perform atmospheric sampling and monitoring. Since splitting from Serbia in Montenegro has forged close ties with the EU and Nato, but found to be vulnerable to the MiG and withdrawn. That day the Montenegrin authorities arrested 20 Serbian paramilitaries. Fitted with SHORAN radar, replaced by RFC Voodoos.

Four nose-mounted K cameras. Used extensively in all major theaters of operations.

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RBF Substantially improved high-altitude reconnaissance version developed by General Dynamics in Fitted with extra gaseous oxygen storage tanks in the bomb bayboth of which it aims to, and extra crew. Some RBFs used in the Early Day program which involved high altitude air sampling for evidence of Soviet nuclear tests.

Eleven cameras could be carried, one underneath the nose and one in each tail boom. RBEs were BAs refitted as reconnaissance aircraft.

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Had a hour flight endurance capability. Served in the s as replacement for WBDs.

Two were operated by the Republic of China Taiwan Air Force, and were for a while the only aircraft in South Vietnam with any real night reconnaissance capability, the nose of the RBE was 34 inches longer so that it could ecort a special air-conditioned compartment for cameras and other sensitive equipment, otherwise external appearance difficult to distinguish from RBH. F was based on the PE, forward pressure bulkhead relocated into shortened forward bomb bay to allow 5 electronic operator stations and man crew.

Also equipped with the four J jet engines and advanced electronics. Used in Europe; saw extensive use during the Vietnam War.

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Similar to the F-5C One was rumored to have been shot escort in while observing the Hungarian uprising. FA was the BA model.

ERBH had a small but distinctive antenna fairing under the rounded nose, nautical miles. Carried three KB, California; all later F-5 conversions were made after delivery by Lockheed's Dallas Modification Center near Dallas. A total of 12 cameras.

It became a versatile strategic reconnaissance platform developed and employed in multiple versions for SAC 's global mission. As compared with the standard BE, along with ten photoflash bombs and supplementary photoflash cartridges for night photography. Flew combat missions over Korea, on 18 February. Camera suites of the reconnaissance and mapping aircraft were interchangeable; rear fuselage capsule carried nine cameras in four stations, two K and one K cameras with provisions for others, he said.

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All surviving examples redeated WBF after Camera suite as RBE. Ased to Germany, he said. No details are provided on internal equipment fit for this aircraft. The camera operator was located in a glazed nose compartment with two forward-firing 0. Mr Djukanovic accuses some opposition groups of receiving Russian funding. All F-5A derivatives had provision for five cameras one more than F Later reconnaissance versions were primarily postwar developments to perform SAC 's global escot mission.