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  • The Volkswagen Routan is ranked #7 in Minivans by U.S. News & World Report. See the full review, prices, specs and pictures.

    The Volkswagen Routan has the bonuses of Chrysler's segment-defining minivans with a touch of German flair, but a modern-day VW.

    «Volkswagen» переводится с немецкого языка как «народный автомобиль». Первая партия автомобилей, выпущенная на заре становления компании, составляла всего 12 штук. Во время нацизма логотип компании был изменен и стилизован под свастику.

    View all consumer vehicle reviews for the Volkswagen Routan on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the Routan.

    Now I wonder why they would make such a decision to not offer such a fine vehicle on their home market…. My children have to yell in order for me to hear them. All the pieces are around, they just need to be put together. The Chrysler is purchased primarily on rebates, with the VW soon to follow.

    Volkswagen Routan | Pricing, Ratings & Reviews | Kelley Blue Book

    Rebadged as in mildly reworked. So why buy a VW Routan instead of a Chrysler product? At least in theory…. The aesthetic improvements continue inside… somewhat. The switchgear and cabinetry respond with Chrysler-esque imprecision. On the flip side get it? Our test van had a power tailgate, which is helpful. You can lift things out, hit the gate with your elbow and walk away. The power-folding rear seat is jewelry: Minivanistas will know that reconfiguring seats means crawling around in the back moving CD collections, abandoned sippy cups, Tonka trucks and such before you can start the folding.

    After that, who cares if seat accordionage is just a button away? For example, the spare tire. Hell, I may have bought one. The Routan offers the same engines as its supposed Chrysler platform mates duh: The larger-engined SEL is not slow; zero to sixty in 8.

    AND the bigger motor gets slightly better gas mileage. The whole world is not a parking lot. Both donor companies can do better. What I came to believe, after a couple of mixed miles, is that whatever VW spent got diluted. Tweaking a suspension, while keeping everything else, yields nothing very much. I would have had trouble holding onto my wallet if that thing had been available. It was to my surprise a very nice vehicle except for the very large amount of understeer—actually scary in emergency maneuver.

    I even thought the styling was quite good. Looks like a box with a VW face pasted on. High quality features and superb handling.

    The 4 liter V6 is quick and responsive with 25 mpg on the hwy. After market features are abundant and cost effective. Yeah, we get it. I would check that last line for accuracy. Also, how many miles did you actually log behind the wheel? I have found the Grand Caravan more than up to the task of hauling kids, strollers, and assorted gear.

    The entertainment system keeps everyone happy, including Mom. I use my Caravan to move my people. A giant answer to a question no one asked. Minivans suck, but rebadged minivans with a premium placed on their name only suck even more. I strongly disagree with the reviewer about the desirability of stow-n-go.

    The fact that this one lacks it is definite plus in that cargo rides on a floor of metal—not cheesy masonite and flimsy hinges. Also, the middle seat stays home and clean, not exposed to whatever dirt the cargo might shed and the crummy false floor let through. Slap on another couple grand, tweak up the interior and call it an Audi.

    I do think the front looks nice. Rebates come, rebates go, the market determines the price, but there is no premium. I think the stow-n-go is a wash. Without it, the seats are better. For the record, I love mini vans. Had one for years. I even like this one, just not as much as some others. How do they compare? I guess Caravan vs Sharan would be relevant too. While I liked the exterior look, the interior appeared to have almost nothing different. My hope would be that the seating materials are better in the VW, which would count for something to me.

    In this neck of the woods, the nearest VW dealer closed, and the next closest has a poor reputation for service. The cost savings will be high, and probably more than adequate to pay for repairs out of pocket, if Chrysler is gone. That may incline the less aware to choose VW?

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