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  • SUPERCAR FACE-OFF: McLaren MP4 12C Vs. Lamborghini Aventador. Alex Davies. Jul. 3, , PM. In the realm of supercars — where prices, top.

    While Lamborghini and Ferrari are household names, McLaren isn't. The horsepower liter twin-turbo V-8 that gives the its name.

    It's not quite the elephant in the room, but it's definitely a Lamborghini in the pit lane. And it's been sitting there a while. The fact is, any Top Gear.

    Apparently, Brooks is already arranging for the S to battle against its bigger brother, the P1. French automaker's latest concept drives itself towards an autonomous future. But is this enough to defeat the McLaren S in a straight line race? The latest, and greatest, iteration of the Aventador shows its true nature on the track. On the road, you have to find a seriously long stretch - and have something of a death wish or a prison-food fetish - to scale the heights of second, third or fourth.

    Lamborghini Aventador vs McLaren LT - CarGurus

    The fact is, any Top Gear Speed Week that descends on a proper racing venue will have its share of winners and losers. Cars that feel supple and compliant on the road generally struggle on the track, and barely legal circuit warriors usually feel like renegades on the road. Sometimes a car can handle both, which is partly why we do this thing. The McLaren 12C - smaller, vastly less in-yer-face than its Italian rival, more yellow - might be one of those.

    In fact, a charade is one of the possible outcomes. Nothing short of a Pagani Huayra can touch it for sheer visual wallop. With its clever carbon roof panels stowed, the Aventador really is the gift that keeps on giving, a masterpiece of contemporary car design undaunted by its Miura and Countach predecessors surely the Sgt Pepper and Dark Side of the Moon of the automotive world.

    Yet, when you do finally grow some, the Lamborghini will comprehensively blow your mind. Ignore its colossal value, and expensively exotic carbon construction. Engage brain and select launch control - Thrust mode, in vaguely pervy Lambo speak - and hold on. The out lap is more exploratory than usual, a gathering of visual reference points for optimum braking and entry and exit, as well as general familiarisation.

    The hot French sun on your head is a reminder that this thing - with its noisy diff and power-station levels of combustion - has no roof. Start pushing, and the Lambo immediately scrambles your synapses, to the point where you have to deliberately and carefully recalibrate.

    Your senses - four out of the available five, and maybe even the faint taste of fear, too, for the full complement - go to DEFCON 1. Unsurprisingly, much of the joy lies in the engine. They might go the way of the woolly mammoth eventually, but Lambo is wholly committed to the cause.

    On the road, you have to find a seriously long stretch - and have something of a death wish or a prison-food fetish - to scale the heights of second, third or fourth. It all goes a bit more heavy metal. Charade is a fantastic circuit, and its first corner is one of the best, a fast left-hander that demands chunky commitment from the driver and chassis excellence from the car. The Lambo sails round in fourth on part-throttle, confidence-inspiring but also surprisingly adjustable. All the while, that V12 bellows outrageously.

    Clip the apex and take fifth. If only the gearbox could keep pace: At least in Corsa mode you can chalk up the violence of the shifts to the overwhelming sense of drama. Also, and it might seem like a technical point, but left-foot braking is a no-no: The McLaren feels wildly different. The Lambo is an event car; the Mac, an everyday one. Mind you, in Spider form, McLaren has also been forced to debug the 12C - those glitching doors and frozen satnav - as well as turning up the heat on the strangely anodyne Ricardo-designed 3.

    This is an odd sort of car. Objectively speaking, the 12C is the best supercar in the world. Optimise its various settings - Track mode for the suspension, full aero - then launch it off the line no Thrusting onanism here , and it attacks the circuit in a way that literally will suck the air out of your lungs.

    In the McLaren, you are part of that carbon tub, and the rest of it springs, tendril-like, from there. After a day swapping between cars - all of them, not just the pricey stuff - the sense that the McLaren is missing something is inescapable. It might be as simple as a straightforward off button for the traction and stability-control software. The 12C just needs to loosen up a bit. This service is provided by Disqus and is subject to their privacy policy and terms of use.

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