2004 audi a8 review

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  • There are 17 reviews for the Audi A8, click through to see what your fellow consumers are saying.

    Audi's light-heavyweight contender goes after the big boys. First Drive Review In the U.S., the Audi A8 has always sold in substantially smaller numbers than .

    About Audi. Audi is the most popular brand among used cars. The annual output is 2 million vehicles.

    Audi A8 Reviews: Read 8 candid owner reviews for the Audi A8. Get the real truth from owners like you.

    The new space-frame design uses fewer parts, fewer joints for increased rigidity. The car button stopped working. Lastly, there is the Lift mode, which raises the suspension 25 mm about an inch above the normal mm ride height. Exceed 62 mph and the suspension automatically lowers to the normal ride height. Hello I purchased my Audi A8 via Cars.

    Audi A8 Review | CarAdvice

    Like it or not, you get advice when buying any car throughout a lifetime. It is usually relentless. This advice is always followed by a horror story of a friend of a friend who must now only eat beans, and live without heating because of the grave error.

    Take my D3 Audi A8 for example. Quality leather, polished timber, electrical everything, and a depth of engineering not seen on anything below this level of car is de rigueur. For example, a fingerprint scanner is incorporated into the start button. Pressing this adjusts the various settings for your personal preferences. It also fires the characterful 4. Even with nearly ,klms of use, the engine is almost silent. Wafting around town barely bothers it, especially as the A8 spends most of its time slurring though its 6 gears unfazed.

    Adaptive Air suspension is standard, as are the monumental brakes, and, rock solid stability on the move over any road surface due to Quattro all-wheel drive. This means that the car is relatively light. At kgs, it is more than a Holden Caprice say, but less — much less — than its contemporaries. Then, there are the toys. The windows are double glazed to make external sound disappear. The BOSE surround sound system takes care of the internal noises and has more clarity and depth than many ears can handle.

    The climate control has 4 independent zones. The voice control means you rarely have to touch a button at all, but when you do, the MMI system makes the myriad of selections easy. Simply put, nothing you can touch, hear or see feels cheap. The adaptive air suspension is the same price as a small Kia to replace. If — like Holden — Audi enacted a fixed price service for every car it ever made, I would weep with joy. So would my tortured wallet. The advice-spouting people would claim a Commodore would come with a warranty because it is new.

    They claim new is always better. But would you rather own something built to a price or a standard?

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